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Indica. 75%
Sativa. 25%
THC. Up to 19%
CBD. Low
Yield indoor. Up to 5oz Per 3ftsq
Yield outdoors. Up to 5oz per plant
Height. Medium, shorter due to the autoflowering gene from Ruderalis
Stretch. Varies.
Flowertime. 56 days from the onset of flowering period (auto)
Grow tips . Autoflowering plants are hard to judge and can vary in different climates, it is recommended to not prune these plants but to let them do there own thing. You cannot clone them due to its autoflowering nature.
Great for patios and gardens. You can fit many into one season.
Aromas. Earthy, pine, woody
Flavours. Pine, lemon,
Effects. Relaxed, happy, euphoric, uplifted
Medical. Stress, depression, ptsd, pain, insomnia
Origins. Chemdawg x old world paki kush
Description. An autoflowering version of OG Kush. Easier to grow for the novice due to its make up.

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