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Indica. 40%
Sativa. 60%
THC. Up to 20%
CBD. Medium
Yield indoor. 16oz per3ftsq
Yield outdoor. 18oz per plant
Height. Tall
Stretch. 100/200%
Flowertime. 63 days
Grow tips. Easy to grow in most mediums, great for cloning.
Aromas. Earthy, lemon, pepper, fruity
Flavours. Pine woody spicy
Effects. Creative, euphoric, relaxed, energetic, uplifted
Medical. Depression, stress, pain relief, anxiety
Origins. Haze x shiva x skunk x northern lights
Description. A sativa dominant strain that provides a clear focused high.
Named after its creator and cannabis enthusiast and grower and promoter.
A fantastic example of how good genetics stand the test of time.

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