At MommaCann, we sell quality CBD related products and marijuana seeds to loyal customers all around the world. We’re sticklers for detail, so from seed to sale, we take great pride in our product to ensure the very best quality and purity.

We do not promote the cultivation and or their consumption in areas where it is illegal to do so.

You must be at least 18 to purchase any items.

We have many strains available and we recommend that you research your needs and what strains may work best for you.

Every effort will be made to ensure your order is delivered discreetly and as soon as possible. Please allow normal time for postage according to the time of year.

We’re a family business, which we think makes us extra special because there’s a real personal touch to everything we do. We’re here to share our knowledge, answer your questions and give advice on how to get the very best from your cannabis seeds and oil, so you can enjoy all their health-boosting benefits!

And – just in case you were wondering – everything we do is perfectly legal and above board. For your added peace of mind, we take care of all the quality checks ourselves to ensure our medical marijuana oils and cannabis seeds reach you in optimum condition.

With love,