MommaCann & Mother Nature

At MommaCann we believe that earth’s very own Momma (Mother Nature) provides everything we all need to be happy and healthy.

Tried & Tested CBD Products

CBD has been proven again and again to help with a number of ailments.  It’s our mission to share the benefits of this lush, green miracle plant with others.

Something for Everyone

People from all walks of life are discovering the amazing qualities of cannabis, and it’s now recognized by millions as a real alternative to prescription medication.

Growing from Quality Seeds

Our aim is to help people live happier, healthier lives, and to show you that with quality seeds, growing plants can be much easier than you think.

About MommaCann

MommaCann provides quality cannabis seeds and cbd related products.

We do not promote the cultivation and or their consumption in areas where it is illegal to do so.

You must be at least 18 years of age to purchase any items.

We have many strains available and we recommend that you research your needs and what strains may work best for you.

Every effort will be made to ensure your order is delivered discreetly and as soon as possible.

Please allow normal time for postage according to the time of year.


A Bit of Advice from MommaCann

Germinate New Cannabis Seeds

One of the easiest ways to germinate seed is to place it directly in a specialized starter cube.

Use Good Quality Soil

Like all plants, quality soil delivers better results for cannabis seeds.

Provide Lots of Light

These marijuana seeds love and crave light – it gives them the energy they need to grow big and strong.

Pay Attention to Genetics

Different strains of plants need different treatment, so be sure to read our seed descriptions.

Keep ‘em Cosy

Plants like warmth and suffer in low temperatures. We recommend a thermometer to maintain the right environment.

Monitor Humidity

Plants need different levels of humidity while they grow. If in doubt, feel free to ask us!


Latest MommaCann News

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MommaCann Launches New Cannabis Seed Sales Site

We are happy and proud to announce our brand new website! MommaCann.com


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